Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pitch Perfect


When I saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect I was so excited I nearly burst into song! That song hit a sour note as soon as I actually went to see the monstrosity that was this movie.

Off Key
It was only five minutes into the film when one of the main characters projectile vomited that I knew I was going to hate this film. Every since SuperBad was released other films have been trying to capture the same adult humour that has become so popular. But whoever thought adding musical numbers to this kind of gross comedy should be fired!

The story follows Beca (Anna Kendrick), a girl who has just started her freshman year studying at a university she has no desire to attend or be any part of. Her true ambition is to become a music producer in LA. She somehow becomes a member of the Barden Bellas, an all-female a cappella group. Reeling from a humiliating loss at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, the group struggles to find new members the next year.

Pitch Please
The thing I hated most about Pitch Perfect is that it is an incredibly cliched plot cleverly dressed up to look like a crude comedy. It has every convention you would expect from a teenage musical. There's the bitchy rich girl who somehow holds all the power, even though she is rude to everyone she meets. In this film it almost seemed like she might have just been misunderstood but it wasn't so. In the end she's just as two dimensional as the other forgettable characters. The lead, Beca, is clearly meant to be individual and outspoken but I found her emotionally stunted and annoyingly desperate to be cool. Beca's love interest, Jesse played by Skylar Astin, was charming and handsome and completely interchangeable with every other teen movie heart throb. He could have been Troy Bolton's brother. Every love story has to have a conflict and Beca and Jesse's was the most contrived you've ever seen. She basically gets angry at him for being too kind, attentive and generally perfect. Poor girl. How tough that must have been for her.

A Ca-Awful
Unoriginality reigns supreme in this film. Even small details like Beca thinking David Guetta is a cool, undiscovered talent – despite his hardly being edgy since he became a mainstream superstar – is ridiculously annoying. Jesse's love for The Breakfast Club is just a sad reminder of what Pitch Perfect will never be. He talks about that film as though it's a small independent German art house film when it's probably one of the most well known films of the 80s. The only way Pitch Perfect would seem original was if you had lived under a rock for the past 30 years.

Comedy Needs Tuning
Most of the humor was either disgusting, stereotypical or racist. The trailer gave the impression this was going to be as classy and clever as Easy A, where in fact it is lowbrow and cheap. The character named Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) had her moments, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a character called Fat Amy.

The musical numbers were the beacon of hope. They were just as catchy as the songs in Glee but the amount of autotuning will leave you desperate to hear some real live music.

I thought it was a shame we got to know only half the characters in the Barden Bellas. The rest were predictable, cliched characters. I thought if I heard another lesbian joke (about the film's stock lesbian character) I would have shoot myself.

On top of all this, there are random plotlines that lead nowhere. For example Brittany Snow's character having damaged her vocal cords and Anna Camp having the projectile vomiting issues. This was a gag-fest, but not in a good way.

A film that has set the teen movie genre back and whoever made it deserves to be pitch-slapped.

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  1. RIGHT! Crappy movie in a world of crappy, predictable, unoriginal, cliched-as-high-as-a-kite entertainment

  2. Your description of the film is 100% spot on. I have found my people.