Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Expendables 2

Rating: ★½

Expendables 2 has incredibly powerful characters and an explosive story... and not in a good way.

A blast from the past
It seems that every 80s action hero is making a come back in this one movie. This has to be the biggest action movie to ever invade the cinema. Millennium Films seems to think that the bigger the cast, the better the film but they would be wrong. Very wrong. But to be honest anyone who takes this film seriously is stupid because it definitely wasn't made to be Oscar material. 

All for one and one for all
Stallone, Statham, Van Damme, Li, Lundgren, Norris, Willis and Schwarzenegger all star in this testosterone charged action epic. Once upon a time they would be competing against each other for top spot at the Box Office but now the film world has changed so much, that they have to team up and work together if they ever want to be back on top. This just so happens to also be the plot of Expendables 2 except instead of fighting against the new box-office stars, they are fighting against an evil group called The Sangs.

Explosive plot
The plot got more and more confusing. I have never been good at following action movie plots but I wouldn't be surprised if the film's writers didn't know what was going on toward the end of this mess themselves. If a film is going to have very simple two-dimensional characters, shouldn't it have a plot to match?

Game still not over
The first thing that struck me about Expendables 2 is how similar it is to a video game. The locations, the characters and the plot are all close to those of games such as Call Of Duty and many other war inspired games. And the dialogue was about as challenging too.

New recruit 
In an attempt to bring in some up-and-coming movie talent and maybe pull in a few viewers under the age of fifty, Liam Hemsworth (star of the Hunger Games) is rather randomly added in as the young trainee solider. He definitely proved that he has what it takes to be any action hero but he looked slightly out of place beside the veterans.

All of that said, the action scenes were very impressive. To be honest the only reason why anyone would see a film like this is for the action, so it's a good thing Expendables 2 delivered something extra violent and exciting. I especially liked the scene when they were trying to escape in an airplane. I was at the edge of my seat. There was even some comic moments added in so that the atmosphere was never too weighty. And it was nice to see the veteran stars don't take themselves too seriously.

I enjoyed Expendables 2 even though the plot was ridiculous, the characters were unrealistic and the dialogue was cheesy. If you go in with low expectations, like I did, then this film might even impress you. In any case it's always fun to watch people fight and stuff blow up!

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