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Magic Mike


Magic Mike may not have magic powers but he does have other assets.

Magic Mike stars Channing Tatum as a male stripper called Mike. Funnily enough Channing was once a stripper in real life and he probably used some of his experience when doing the role. Mike becomes friends with an unemployed boy called Adam, (Alex Pettyfer) who is living on his sister's sofa. The sister is called Brooke (Cody Horn) and she, rather predictably, becomes Mike's love interest. This makes him consider giving up his stripper lifestyle to be with her.

Trailer Trash
The Magic Mike trailer led me to believe that the film was a funny joyful rom-com but in actual fact it is an incredibly serious and depressing drama! The plot focused alot on Channing and Alex's drug habits — which came as a suprise since drugs aren't mentioned once in the trailer. Because the trailer was so misleading, myself and my friend felt very uncomfortable watching it. The only part of the film that was well represented in the trailer was the stripclub scenes. The problem was that the stripping seemed very out of place with the rest of the film. They were a welcome break from all the depressing drama but the made the stripping seem like fun rather than exploitative.

Stripping the film of its fun
The cinematography was very unusual. Each shot was very long and tedious. I think it was meant to make the film seem more realistic but I think it just looked cheap.

The naked truth
Well I think we all know what the main selling point of Magic Mike is. The naked men of course. I can't deny that the stripping scenes were funny and flirty. They were definitely up to scratch.

We can't find love in the perfect place
It's strange that it was advertised as a rom-com because the relationship between Mike and Adam was a lot more central than the romance between Mike and Brooke. I'm not a romance expert but I didn't see any real chemistry between Mike and Brooke. In fact I found their flirting very awkward and disjointed. I don't think it was Channing's fault though. Cody seems very awkward in a lot of her roles. I think some people find it endearing, I just find it annoying. To be honest I found Mike and Adam's relationship a little strange too. I kept thinking 'why are these two friends?' On a completely different note I also found it weird that their were no gay characters, because is male-stripping really that heterosexual? Also Matthew McConaughey's Dallas, the strip club owner, seemed like the perfect opportunity for a gay character, but the film-maker's chickened-out. Obviously, portraying homosexuality is even more risky than drug abuse!

Evil Alex
Alex's character, Adam is just really unpleasant and very few redeeming features. I know he's meant to seem misunderstood but I just think he's incredibly manipulative and selfish. He keeps on making stupid mistakes, upsetting his sister eventhough she's letting him live with her and even upsets Mike, the man who is meant to be his best friend. I won't give away the ending but I will say Adam is not the kind of person I would want as a friend. Speaking of the ending it was very disappointing. Watch and you'll see.

Well now you know Magic Mike is not a rom-com but a Drama, you know what to expect and so you might enjoy it more. I was expecting a fun movie to see with my friend and consequently I was very disappointed. Major missell on the part of the trailer makers.

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