Friday, 6 July 2012

Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D

 Rating: ★★½

Did you know, the girl that kisses other girls and likes it, was once a church singer.

Her family once said they 'would never watch her on TV if she had half her clothes off'. Now Katy Perry is rolling around naked in cotton candy clouds on her album cover and touring the world singing about kissing girls, making out and all sorts of profanities. We get to see all that and more in Katy Perry: Part Of Me. The film follows Katy on her very successful California Dreams tour last year and it really feels like you've been given an access-all-areas pass.

If you're not a KatyCat, stop reading now
If you like Katy Perry and all things pop culture you'll love this film. If you're not a pop fan but are reasonably open minded you might still enjoy this film. Because it is an interesting insight to the life of a modern pop star, an insight that the public don't normally have access to. There is a lot of family home-videos of a much younger Katy and videos of her early performances before she started kissing girls. Her journey from a normal all-American girl to a mega-star is very inspiring and empowering. Although lots of celebrities cash-in on the rags-to-riches story and it is getting a little old.

Teenage reality
It was nice to see that Katy was once a misfit teen similar to many of her fans. I have to admit I'm a Katy Perry fan. She writes her own lyrics and most of them are very clever and also uplifting and fun (and come on! Who couldn't love the Last Friday Night music video). I'm also a big fan of concert movies but that is one of the areas where this film lacked. We didn't actually see that much of the concert. All of Katy's songs were featured but hardly ever shown the whole way though. The focus was more on the backstage drama. Then again, what we did see of the concert was very good and the 3D made her amazing costumes even more amazing.

Your hot then your cold
The best way to describe Katy is colorful and bubbly. She seems very friendly and, unlike Lady Gaga, very genuine. Although she did produce the film so you can't help but question if she really is as nice as she comes across on screen.

Russell's escape from Candyland
So everyone is going to want to see the scenes with Russell Brand and the big break-up. But all you really get to see is Katy's heart-wrenching reaction to the whole event. I heard that Russell asked to have most of his scenes cut from the film and its probably for the best. The divorce doesn't get overlooked but many of the details are kept private. There is a very emotional scene where Katy is waiting under the stage to start the show. She is crying her eyes out and right at the last second puts on a big smile for the screaming crowds. Strong girl.

I very much enjoyed getting to see what Katy Perry's life is really like. Before and after the fame. I love her happy music, that just makes you want to put your hands in the air and sing-a-long. If you're feeling a little down, go and see Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D and feel like a Firework! 

This is my Katy Perry playlist from my iPod in most-played order:
1. Last Friday Night
2. Teenage Dream
3. Peacock
4. California Gurls
5. E.T.
6. I Kissed A Girl (Classic)
7. Part Of Me
8. Waking Up In Vegas
9. Firework
10. Hot 'n' Cold
 (Comment if yours is different)

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