Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Rating: ½

When I heard they were planning a remake of the Spider-Man franchise, I thought what everyone else thought: Isn't it a bit early? The last Spider-Man film only came out in 2007.

Stuck in the spider's web
Sony Pictures is calling The Amazing Spider-Man a reboot. Reboots are very popular in Hollywood at the moment. It means exactly what it sounds like. Basically they have pushed the restart button on a recent movie franchise. I would say a reboot so soon after the original is a bad idea because the audience will not be able to help comparing the two. But The Amazing Spider-Man was really amazing!

Tobey vs. Andrew
Tobey Maguire was great at playing Spider-Man but he was a bit vacant as Peter Parker and in no way as witty as the character is meant to be. Andrew Garfield is the everyman's superhero. He was compelling, relatable and realistic. He was exactly how I imagined the character. The perfect balance of superhero and normal teenage - and he was funny.

Peter Parker's parents
The beginning of the film did feel like we were going through the motions. Everyone knows the origin story of Spider-Man, so it felt like a checklist: orphaned outcast teenager, biology laboratory, radioactive spider bite and the rest is history. That said it was the best telling of the story I had ever seen and there were a lot of new elements: such as the fact that Peter Parker was going on a Nancy Drew-style investigation into his father's past, rather than being just on a school trip to the laboratory. In fact, Peter Parker's parents feature quite strongly in the back story of this adaptation which gives his character much more depth.

Spidey's girl
Emma Stone is my favorite actor at the moment and she seems to be everyone else's too, because her career has gone from strength to strength in the past year.  From Easy A to The Help and now The truly Amazing Spider-Man, her bravery, brains and kindness made her a fantastic Gwen Stacy. In the scenes where her life was being threatened, I found myself shouting 'come on Gwen! You can do it!' Luckily it was a late-night screening so everyone probably just thought I was drunk.

The Amazing Spider-Music
The background music in The Amazing Spider-Man took my breath away. Good music can really make a film something special. I don't want to give too much away but in one scene, involving cranes, the music was so epic I thought I might cry.

The Lizard played by Rhys Ifans is the perfect opponent for Spidey. He is terrifying at times but you can't help but feel a little sorry for him. I think that's a sign of a good villain.

Will Spider-Man join the Avengers?
I know a lot of Avengers fans are eager to know if Spider-Man will appear in any of the inevitable Avengers sequels. Well sadly it looks like a no simply because Spider-Man is made by Sony Pictures and they are very unlikely to hand over such a big money maker to Disney. Although Sony have shown some interest in the idea but I think that is just so they look like they listen to the fans and aren't all about the money - which of course the are. But don't worry The Amazing Spider-Man is set to become a trilogy so there is a lot of time to make the cross-over to the Avengers.

Over all this new adaptation of the Spider-Man comic is truly swinging high above the rest. With an outstanding cast of actors playing incredibly realistic characters. In fact the whole film is a lot more gritty and real, making it very relatable even though its a film about a boy with spider powers.

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