Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Muppets Movie

 Rating: ★★★

In a world full of HD CGI 3D movies is there any room for a film with a cast made of felt? The Muppets think so.

Walter is the Muppets biggest fan. You might want to know Walter is also a puppet. Anyway he goes on a journey to Hollywood with his brother Gary (Jason Segal) and Gary's girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams). In a typically Muppets turn of events they have to help reunite the old gang to save the Muppets studio from a greedy oil tycoon (Chris Cooper).

Funny bits
The new Disney-financed Muppet adventure is hilarious. Without a doubt the funniest kids film I've seen in years. Most of the comedy is in moments when they point out the fact that it is a film. For example after a massive explosion Fozzie Bear says 'Wow, that was such an expensive looking explosion! I can't believe we had that in the budget.'

Out of date or retro?
It's been 12 years since the Muppets last hit the silver screen so has the target audience moved on or is this just what they've been waiting for? Well I think everyone is looking for a break from CGI talking animals so the Muppets was a breath of fresh air.

Another highlight of The Muppets Movie was the amazingly funny musical numbers penned by Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie. Songs so catchy they even won an Oscar. The musical moments are really for people who love musicals and people who don't beause they are so cheesy and joyful it's funny.

Lady gaga might wear Miss Piggy
I had to mention the comic genius that is Miss Piggy. In the past year she's become something of a fashion icon because of her boisterous diva attitude - but, unfortunately, I don't think Disney will be adding her to their Disney Princess line anytime soon!  

The human characters are just as wacky as the Muppets. Jason Segal has a brilliant song called 'A Man Or A Muppet'. You can probably tell from the title that it's a hilarious scene. Amy Adams plays a kind, wide-eyed romantic who is very similar to her character Giselle in the very successful kids film Enchanted. But that's not a criticism because she is very funny in both roles.

The Muppets empire
Looking through the Muppets impressive collection of films and TV shows you find out they really have done it all. They've been everywhere from New York to Oz (and I don't mean Australia) and met everyone from Elton John to Selena Gomez.

The original Muppets film has nearly the exact same story but the original is not as funny and seems very dated. They point out the similarities a lot in the new film, I guess so the super fans can feel catered to. And fans old and new will be pleased to hear that Disney already have a sequel in the pipeline.

Overall The Muppets Movie is brilliant, colourful, imaginative family fun. It's time to ask yourself, am I a man or a Muppet? Waka waka!

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