Friday, 25 May 2012

The Lucky One

Rating: ★★½

The Lucky One is about a US marine serving in Iraq called Logan (Zac Efron) who finds a picture of a girl called Beth on the battlefield. When he returns to the US and civilian life, he sets out to find Beth and thank her. He believes she is his guardian angel. It's all very romantic until Beth's ex-husband (who's the father of her child) gets involved.   

'I Don't Dance'
Four years after High School Musical took its final curtain call, the only cast member to still have a fanbase is Zac Efron - but he's desperately trying to turn his back on his audience and become a 'serious actor'. The Lucky One is just a route for him to break away from his song-and-dance image and start winning Oscars. Zac Efron has mentioned in interviews that he wants to forge a career similar to Leonardo DiCaprio's, who managed to balance being eye candy with being a respectable actor. So the big question is, does Zac have what it takes? After watching The Lucky One I have to say no. He definitely has potential but could really do with some training because at the moment he's just not believable or interesting enough. I really can't see why he didn't stick to musicals because he is a strong singer and could easily dominate the market. But sadly Zac is more interested in 'Breaking Free'.

 'Work This Out'
 The plot is very frustrating because most of the conflicts between Logan and Beth (played by Taylor Schilling) are based on misunderstandings or a simple lack of communication. In fact, all the best bits of the drama are generated by Beth's rocky relationship with her evil ex-husband (Jay R Ferguson) - but instead of giving that storyline a proper conclusion [SPOILER alert] the guy just gets a treehouse dropped on his head. In short, Beth's life just seems to be one sob story after another. She spends pretty much the whole film crying. I started to feel sorry for her young son (Riley Thomas Stewart), who had to put up with her never-ending depression. Overall I felt like the plot (which is based on a Nicholas Sparks bestseller) was just put together to make the audience cry and it didn't work on me!

One good point of the film was the cinematography. All the shots had a very warm, beautiful, romantic feel.

'The Boys Are Back'
I happen to know that Zac Efron is going to appear in a thriller called The Paperboy. I think this will be a better bet for him to move in to more serious films roles. Because even though The Lucky One has some serious themes, Zac is still playing it safe by being the heart throb type.

'Breaking Free'
In conclusion the film was very generic and overly sentimental. If you've seen Charlie St.Cloud you've basically seen The Lucky One because they are very similar. I think Zac Efron would have more luck in his career if he stuck to the status quo (that's a High School Musical reference!!).

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