Tuesday, 17 April 2012

StreetDance 2

Rating ★★
I wanted to go to the cinema with an old friend who is a dancer. So StreetDance 2 was the natural choice. It's about two boys, Eddie (George Sampson) and Ash (Falk Hentschel), who go on a Magnificent Seven-style mission round Europe to put together a street dance crew to perform in a big competition. All the non-dancing bits in between the big dance sequences were so wooden I wasn't sure if they were acting or selling me car insurance. But they weren't helped by the fact that the story was so cliched it was as if they took the plot from a Dance Films for Dummies book. It had the typical cross-over of dance styles which ends up in a Romeo-and-Juliet romance between the figure heads of the two styles. Even if I hadn't seen all this before in Save the Last Dance, Step Up, Take the Lead, etc, etc, etc, not to mention the first Streetdance film, it also wasn't executed with any flare or imagination.

It's a small Europe after all
The Big New Idea for this second film with the same plot was all resting on the European travelogue locations. But half of the film seemed to be shot on sets or ultra cheap locations that had a homogenous fake Euro-feel, and considering this is supposed to be the British Dance Movie franchise, it was a shame to see it had a very American view of Europe. For example our Latin Dance heroine Eva's Parisian apartment looked more like it was in New Mexico! Also the Final Clash is held in a massive CGI coliseum also supposed to be in the centre of Paris... HUH! Or maybe it was Rome? In any case it wasn't clear. And there also seemed to be a big lack of French people in France! Unless you count Tom Conti with a dodgy Euro-accent.

Wicked dance sequences
Now okay, so the acting and the plot were crap, the big euro locations even less believable, but you have to remember that a film like this is about the dancing and the plot is only a device to tie together the dance sequences. And this film did have one or two brilliant dance sequences. The Final Clash was sick! It was a chance for the cast to show that what they lacked in acting talent they made up for in dancing ability.

That said, halfway through the film my dancer friend whispered to me that this film has fantastic stunts but the choreographed dances are technically better in the American Step Up franchise than in this British version. After she'd said that I couldn't help comparing the two and noticing that she was right. So I highly recommend not watching the two back to back, but to be honest I'm a lot more excited about Step Up 4 coming out this summer than I was about this lacklustre British imitation.

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  1. It's been a good movie all around the world and I love to watch again in 3D.